News – 19/04/06

Kariotahi beach, black sand kilometres long, surf-casters, seagulls, german photographer, meera dog, Tavinor children two, waves roll, sun, crabs, cracks in rocks, wild like all western beaches in nz methinks, soft, sinks car, a bit stuck but dig a little and push we?re away again ?.. aaah noice!24th April ?06

News -18/04/06

so summer slips into memories autumn finds her feet and carresses leaves from trees with Auckland rains i write as littlins on holidays coming down from easter chocolate o.d?s boogie, sleep or annoy the kitten depending on the phase. maroon 5 play on chelles computer where from today i send words to the cybersphere? Read more

News – 06/04/06

hello again,i sit here at the house of me ol? buddy in the west. laptop on my knees hopin? my tadpoles don?t fry, Katy Soljak in my headphones ?la revolucion es la esparanza de los desperados? she cries melodik Tiitrangi festival has been goin on. it?s been a treat.

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News – 27/03/06

so it is?Te Kuiti, monday morning waiting for the grail boys heddin? this way from Coro to do some recordin?. A nite too heavy on the turps makes for a late show? the rains fall heavy, last night the far north was nearly blown from the map by a slow moving bundle of decimation called ?cyclone something or other?.time on my hands, time to jot jottings? Gordy mills about setting up up things that make sound waves and other things that capture them?.

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