News – 24/04/06

friday me self and Jon hedded from Henderson via train and ferry to Waiheke Island to play at Molly?s. a quiet old affair but we had a ball playing what ever took our fancy and we churned out the occassional song for the Manageress who kinda wanted us to play irish tunes all nite? thanx Ita for the great hospitality!! bak to the mainland and off for lunch & coffee with me old pal Karen, Gerry from the grail and Ian at that favourite of Titirangi hangouts, hardware cafe.

Then? then?. then?. then!!! i pick young Rodiz up from a BSM gathering and off head we to see Robert Cray (turn up the bass guitar out front please!) and Buddy Guy. I?ve seen Clapton, Santana, BB King and many of the other greats? Buddy Guy IS THE MAN!. Although we were gutted he didn?t do an encore the man is fully forgiven as when he was on stage he was overwhelming!! never have i seen such control!!! a big grin and razor sharp wit had us cracking up and just lovin? the dude.. and man!! WHAT A TONE!! mint backing band too? one rather haggard lookin? Andy Blue was buskin? out front hammerin a rather nice Martin resonator!! Go Andy!

Sunday and the Mulleteers (Rod being replaced by the one and only Gordon Joll for the night) gathered in Whangamata for a gig at a friends place. what a nite!!! we ended up playing about 6 or so hours as folks started handing over more and more red notes with 100 written on them sayin? ?play on!!!?. only of you want to of course?. i felt i almost had to scrape my vocal chords off the floor afterwards!!! Gordy was flying, ballistic? the return of ANIMAL!!! Jono also was goin? off!!! as he does..

this mornin? six a.m. in the wagon bak to Orks to watch over sprogs, contemplate going to Ireland, snatch sleep and play fashion consultant to Danielle who?s off to the movies? i tell ya, a man?s work is never done?.

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