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?Well then on it goes! the lads and I popt our fine selves down to Te Kuiti last week to record at Gordy’s “swamp studio” tho confusion still reigns as to what we do now!! we managed to capture some pretty good waves of inter-mingling sound over three days and gave the album? the working title….?”nothin’ a bit of bog can’t fix”.

?Te Kuiti turned it on with wickedly cold mornings where one’s feet nearly stuck froze’d to the concrete if you walked outside to marvel at the multi coloured autumn trees in the days first rays of sunshine. inside the heaters earned thier keep warming strings, toes, bows and?fingers..?phrases like ‘fat kick’, ‘deep snare’, ‘spill’….. (hmmm?) ?’melodic bass’? ‘hum’ and ‘isolate’ became common place. some mighty fine moments came and went often during or directly after take 32 or so of any given track. a point in time where the mix of jubilation, awe and relief at having finally got that magic piece of sound to add to the mix consumes one and, if lucky… all.

?so nigh on burnt out and edgy we hit the road from Te Kuiti?to Tauranga via Putaruru and some awesome scenery, which shall have to be revisited some day, to play?at a 21st/off shore power boat racing end of season function!! jaysuss!! what a?marathon… slept like a b-luddy log that night i tell ya… at?a rather nice hotel too i might add… so in the morning we contemplated jumping from the third floor into the swimming pool and decided we were just too old nowadays for that sort of carry on… un-like Keef!! wot a bloke!!!


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