News – 04/05/06

so, off to Ireland with I it is? Said Jon to I, ?Dave would you like to come to Ireland to play some music? and said I in reply ?aye?!!

early June sees my plane fly skyward away ?cross ocean vast to the north of the globe. For a month or three. a journey a voyage a foray to the land of the craic, thappity thap bodhrans and whistles and harps.. tuneful a treat where old friends wait to greet and the new they?ll be too and the grateful one i will just burst at the seams with a glee glad that glows in the tos and the fros..

the Mulleteers take a time out for the winter aye true, tho spring time will see us ?pon stage as we do? an album in tow for to put on a show for the loyal the laid back the name it may grow it may go it may morph it may warp it may more?

may be there a fourth for to add to the three to groove down the bottom where waves freed & deep, bassific long low specific or so snare safely in sound sent souls soft in the know?.

for now it is ciao, until now comes another time, keep well and sublime be ye fruitful and fine?


p.s of course the mullets played another blinder in the weekend just gone? Jono Rod and meself having not played together for a few weeks positively morphed into a twisted tangle of living waves and permeated the surroundings in a most ageeable fashion? damn! i?m just imagining what it?ll be like after we haven?t played together for a few months!!! i think there?ll be some rather salubrious goings on come September?. we?ve also got a recording session booked at Gordy?s in mid May too for the trusty trio? yeeehaa!

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