well well well,,

probably the craziest year since 2020, 2021 has been a roller-coaster..

I’m extremely grateful that good fortunes have enabled me to collaborate and create music with some truly beautiful souls this year, in the flesh, real-time.
Like many musicians I’ve had shows and tours cancelled or postponed, here in NZ and in Europe, due to Global proceedings. I miss my tour jamming buddies and my band mates from D.A.B. and of course the people and the thrills and spills of the road. This, currently, is life.

I’m not a fan of the live stream concerts etc up to this point so please excuse my lack of participation in the online performance world.

New equipment in the form of Soundcraft Ui24r has lead to a new lease on life in terms of live shows and recording.

At the moment I’m absolutely blessed to be hangin, jamming and recording with “Vibe City” whanau.. Hope to see releases and maybe shows in the new year.

Another project I’ve been helping out with has been the band of delightfuls that are Rosina and the Weavers, featuring singer-songwriter Rosina and my boss buddy Blair on bass – Single “Friday night at the Kentish” out now and EP out in the new year.

What has helped keep me sane this last year and a half has been a “day job” which started 3 weeks before lockdown 2020.. I have formally ticked off the childhood “I would love to work in a music shop” day-dream, Much love, Jenny and the afore-mentioned, Blair (and Cyan) The best work crew a dude could ever hope for (plug) Music Mania Pukekohe! for all your musical stuffisms..

A new album sits quietly in the wings. My semi-retirement plans meant I was not so bent on getting this done but Jeeez! there are some good songs left un-recorded which really should be done. Only watch this space if you have insane amounts of patience.

For now, as always. It’s onwards.. shows are (hopefully) coming up on Waiheke Island with my old buddy Aaron Carpenter. Jams in the hills with Madz, Wills and co, hopefully a D.A.Band show somewhere. Also there are tentative plans for Europe in April.

Recordings are underway and y’know.. Life…

Much Love to friends & Fam out there who I’ve not been able to see this last while. Hope to see you all at some stage.

Happy turning of the year and seasons, to all