The latest that occureth…

two days time ‘pon plane i fly yeeee haaa! aaargh, what am i doing!? yeeee haaaa!! etc etc?

?had a great last gig at the bollix on Saturdy, thanks to all who came along.. yee haa the titirangi crowd! cheers Cat, Maurice, Julie, Gordy and THE BRYCESTER for gracin’ the stage with us. And….

thanx Paddy for havin’ the?three mullets at the bollix.. back in September, cu then

?yours truly has spent the last two days mixin’ down the recordin’s from Te Kuiti… and “not too shabby at all” is the call. My dear buddy ‘chelle is concerned that i’m forming a relationship un becoming?for a computer and?a bloke?. lookin’ forward to gettin’ it out later this year (the album i mean). would love to stay and?rattle on for several paragraphs about wot else has and has not been going on but you see at this particular time?the fluster effect is taking hold, the result being of course, that all the shit you want to get done and all the shit you need to get done become confused and so one runs around in a muddle saying things like “now, what was i doing?” consequently getting nothing done at all….?so best i go and write a “list”!!

from an insanely gorgeous?sunny autumn Pukekohe morning… adios!!?


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