The latest that occureth…

two days time ‘pon plane i fly yeeee haaa! aaargh, what am i doing!? yeeee haaaa!! etc etc?

?had a great last gig at the bollix on Saturdy, thanks to all who came along.. yee haa the titirangi crowd! cheers Cat, Maurice, Julie, Gordy and THE BRYCESTER for gracin’ the stage with us. And…. Read more

Te news…

?Well then on it goes! the lads and I popt our fine selves down to Te Kuiti last week to record at Gordy’s “swamp studio” tho confusion still reigns as to what we do now!! we managed to capture some pretty good waves of inter-mingling sound over three days and gave the album? the working title…. Read more

News – 04/05/06

so, off to Ireland with I it is? Said Jon to I, ?Dave would you like to come to Ireland to play some music? and said I in reply ?aye?!!

early June sees my plane fly skyward away ?cross ocean vast to the north of the globe. For a month or three. a journey a voyage a foray to the land of the craic, thappity thap bodhrans and whistles and harps.. tuneful a treat where old friends wait to greet and the new they?ll be too and the grateful one i will just burst at the seams with a glee glad that glows in the tos and the fros.. Read more

News – 24/04/06

friday me self and Jon hedded from Henderson via train and ferry to Waiheke Island to play at Molly?s. a quiet old affair but we had a ball playing what ever took our fancy and we churned out the occassional song for the Manageress who kinda wanted us to play irish tunes all nite? thanx Ita for the great hospitality!! bak to the mainland and off for lunch & coffee with me old pal Karen, Gerry from the grail and Ian at that favourite of Titirangi hangouts, hardware cafe. Read more