Grand ol’ time

so you see then… the tropical (i kid you not) climate that’s been here since my arrival fadeth now to scattered cloud making for a melancholy reflective vibe of sorts… swam i off the rocks and the beach down from the hoose for the first time yesterday…. aaaaah bliss it were! visited a funky wee water fall and continued gettin’ tanned in the hot Dingle sun… so far the place has not lived up to expectation on the weather front…. earxcellent!

First gig ever in Ireland last night were a success (tho i was shittin’ meself) even with a semi operational guitar… playin with Jon and Toni Geiling, a fantastic fiddle player from Germany. having never jammed with a ‘saw’ player i was staggered nicely when he pulls out this thing for cutting down trees and off branches?then starts making sound like something outta star trek… an eerie, sweet melody, ghost-like…. classic stuff for sure… hangin’ with some locals afterwards met i a chap called Miles, with songs and a voice to dye for, yet another of the squillions of super talents living here… word on the street is i mite have a few more gigs comin’ up here…?Yeeeehaaaaa!

?I rekn the mulleteers would go down awlright here just quietly



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