Castles made of stones…

the lads Jon, Toni, Cuan and me self went and rokt a castle in the weekend gone… mingled with ghosts goblins and a rather large hairy dog… my cabin on the hill over lookin dingle bay rocks like Read more

Grand ol’ time

so you see then… the tropical (i kid you not) climate that’s been here since my arrival fadeth now to scattered cloud making for a melancholy reflective vibe of sorts… Read more

Dingle, county Kerry….

INSANELY GORGEOUS!!! dropt in from the sky to Kerry Airport… sunny as! friendly folk all ’round… met Jon thar in a car that used to belong to a fisherman… yikes. so we rattled out to Dingle bay… lo and behold!!!! the pad looks out over the bay… ?music aplenty and?lovely folks galore.. jet lag nigh on gone 😉 new fotos to be posted soon…… hi to all in?N.Z. thanks brett and becs AND ‘Chelle



Orks…. Taiwan…. Bankok…. London!!! big queues (had to google the spelling on that one) at immigration… 150 meters long i reckoned…. piccadilly line a no go so Becs and me Bro came hither in el coche to gather bro (me) from the plane station…. SUPERB! a sleep and a stroll on the thames and i’m ready for action… off to camden markets after some brekky… roketh on!!