Dingle… again

yo ho ho!!! just got in (to the internet cafe that is) from a stint of buskin’… ’twas made all the more enjoyable by the 4000 harley davidsons (i kid you not) in town for a gathering down the road… orsum!!! tho noisey. jammed with a grand chap by the name of Martin on percussion and another chap, John, form cork playin’ the ‘Hang’ just like Jimi’s. it’s just like millin’ around Auckland really… had a blinder of a gig last nite with me good buddy Jon at the Bluezone wine bar/pizza joint… yummy pizza courtesy of Honsa the pizza king form somewhere in the chzech (never could spell that word) republic. thje lads Jon and I got quite latin jazz on it all and grooved merrily through the nite until the ridiculous closing time of 12 o’klok rolled around… am still ajusting to stopping in the middle of warming up…
anyways, all goes stupendously well, i hope yer all well out there on earth


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