aye then so ya see wot i did was jump on a bus i hedded for the land of me o buddies the grail lads.. Read more


?well it’s been a day or two since i’ve writ words on ye ol’ web-log thingy so here go we… the last couple of weeks have been focussed on giggin’ with the Jonny Sanders Latitudes band which featured Jon of course, me self, Toni Geiling (a true German maestro) and Gosia (she of soothing Polish jazz voice). we toured… Read more

Chester & Liverpool…

? the few days in spent in the Liverpool area were a blast! the solo gig at Alexanders jazz bar on thursday rokt! needless to say i was stoked… the show?finished with a five stringed open G version of ‘Norwegian wood’ which… Read more

Jeff Beck-Buddy Guy…. ooooh yeah!

…just got back from a cool nite out in Liverpool with friends Phil and Collette… been to see two of me fayvs… Jeff Beck, wooooaah!! and Buddy Guy (for the second time this year!) couldn’t get two more different acts… (check the foto page) but as a result the mulleteers mite have to go electric and i mite have to by a strat with a wammy bar… again…. up for a blues tour lads?

?wot a buzz!

? Maharaji last nite in Dublin had many a mighty wise word for the gathered… great to see G, Dawn and family, all glowing like diamonds in the sun… and on it goeth 😉

?? from Skelmersdale, England

? D