back to biglittle ol’ NZ…

aye, the jet lag has worn off and me eyeballs feel like eyeballs again… Jonny dropped I to Killarney, the bus took me to Cork (wunna me fayv cities in Ireland), the ferry took me to Swansea,?a VW Combie took me to london, the tube took me to my bro’s place for a few days of millin’ ’round the big ol’ town… piccadilly, soho & hyde park etc and then to the airport from where a plane took me to Taiwan (orsum in an intriguing kinda way) and onto Auckland… home… wow!!! three months gone…. an’ i’m still not the millionaire the clairvoyant said i was gonna be!!

?Auckland is in the middle of spring…. summer days and winter days mingling through out the day… coffees at the hardware cafe, a party or two with friends, long train rides between homes, music brewing on the horizon… new jamming buddies pop from the wood work… Warren’s from India and plays a fine gat…. noice… so back into the swing it is. the echos of County Kerry will reverberate for a while to come… “come ‘ere t’ me now”…..



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