….so i left the lads in the cottage at Bally Coneely and hedded off in a bus eirann bus piloted by a haired brained driver… again… to Galway town for a night… chekt intae me hostel and went strollin and trollin the streets for scenery and cats to jam with… i met Federico from Italy… a cross between Tom Waits and Bob Dylan and – (put the name of your favourite saxophone player here) – he was superb… with a dark chocolate sax tone and a few classic stories over a few pints and the dude had some Frank Zappa on ye ol’ i-pod too… what a blast! so we busked a while with gat, darabuka and sax and made some money for a few pints… and then afew more?and a gew nore and a slu thor and so forth.?we ended up at a?Galway institution, the?’Rosin duhb’ (rosheen dove) and had another couple of pints and met some great folks and hedded back to theirs on the way indulging in the barbaric teenage sport of hedge diving. tho i got through a couple we had to call it quits after Paddy, Katie and i ended up flat on our?backs simultaneously on the cold concrete pavement after attempting ridiculously to plough through a very solid hedge. the level of commitment was outstanding as was the pain. Laura laughed so hard.??

?so i spent one more enjoyable day and night in Galway as the morning bus to dingle via the cliffs of moher was not gonna be caught by me the following day. the cliffs were cliffs…?hideous was the amount?of touristic shite all around and the construction sites surrounding the place… the Burren on the other hand was stunning…

?so back to dingle i arrived to a lighting show from the heavens which said ‘welcome home dave’… i leapt glee-fully from the bus and strolled merrily from the stop up to seacrest picking ripe blackberries and popping them into my mouth not unlike a scene from little red riding hood i guess… did i mention the lighting show? the sun was hangin a couple of hours off settin and the rays of light were tap dancing on the hillsides as the clouds filtered their ways randomly and at will…?’there is god’ thought i elated as onward i trod toward?la casa de Jon.

?so after a good sleep and a feast of rice and spuds and a good coffee.. hmmm… i?texted Becs to let her know that i was back around and?offered my help?at the festival that she was running with Trina that day… so i heads into town with James, Tilly and?Dominic to help out with the stage and stuff…

?what a cool day!!! Fran was soft melodik sweet… Cian was orsuM… 20 or so… hot gat man, great?songs and dude!?’exit pursued by bear’ rockt as did ‘exit street’ and others, whilst?’juno falls’ crooned gorgeously… Rossa’s song about and old dude gettin’ shot blew my world and?my Kiwi mate Dez and i sat there positively soakin’ it up. i got up and done a set as?’ulton jon’ didn’t show up and the folks seemed most pleased with?’the ring in’ and asked nicely, with enthusiasm and volume, for more and then said ‘who?… was that?!’ i was very very delighted… then whilst listenin to ‘the pale’ groovin’ i says ti Myles from?’juno..’ gee i’d like to jam on that! so yer man sorts it out and?i finished the set off with?the energetic dubs bangin on my bongo like a chimpanzee… wot a hoot!!! Becs and Treena were stoked and the day was only half way through…

?so we all hedded around to the hill grove and grooved to ‘delorentos’ and ‘republic of loose’ til the wee small hours?after which we retired to the beach with pallets for a bonfire… instruments for makin’ music… a couple of wines and?some great company…. i got to jam there with Eva!?yet another orsum saxophonist.. only this one a delightful she from cork. then?the ‘loose’?man Gary joined but had trouble switching from full on gig to chilled bonfire mode and proceeded to bash mercilessly my darabuka… but the Garda arrived and we had to stop playing pretty much…?bummer

?so after dropping some of the crew into dingle?a wee bit after day break i returned happy to the pad and slept the sleep of sleeps… wot a?jolly good few days….

thanks Becs and Treena ;) cool festival as!! was stoked to be a part of it….


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