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?so then, four weeks back in the country and all goes spiffingly… first gigs?back were rockin affairs… from the Hyatt?Regency corporate gig to a cafe/restaraunt high up in the Waitakere ranges to a show in Awhitu penninsula rubbin’ shoulders with the?prime minister… and the local?Awhitu crew. i say!?the Rodster and i have called in the?talented?Mr Mendonsa on guitar and/or bass?to?form yet another line up which is goin’ off!! after a very cool jam session backing the legendary Ronnie Taylor and then the Hyatt gig, this unit is proving it can do the business with barely breakin’ a sweat!??

?so after the shows last weekend it was decided that another week off was needed, so?the Tavinor sprogs and the Davester hedded off to the homeland (Gizzy) for a week of mudslides, rivers (mud fights) and bathing in thermal pools (Morere hot springs), not to mention riding rapids in the Waioeka gorge… noice!!?

?back to?the grindstone now and lookin’ forward to gigs with Gordy in the Coromandel, then various shows around Auckland including molly’s on Waiheke Island and a spot on Kippa’s dirty ol blues show on Waiheke’s beach radio…

?fantastically marvelous!!



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