Wild ol’ Dingle day…

?the waves crash relentless of course at the rocks in the bay, mauling and thrashing incessantly today a day of rain and wind, swell,?’great expectations’ and a bar of chocolate and more wind.. howling up the hill after traversing the vast expanse of the big arse?ol’?Atlantic ocean… Murray and Besh, new, rather pleasant friends, were heddin’ to peruse Dingle penninsula after muesli, a jam session?and talkin’ some. Murray, being from Byron Bay area took me?memories back a ways to when i was travellin’ Australia as a twenty something year old nipper… quite a suprise really.

?I played me first ever (mile stone territory here) solo gig?in Ireland on Thursday at the?favourite local venue ‘the blue zone’ and all went spiffingly well and folks said lots of nice things like ‘when are you playing here again’ and ‘do you have c.d’s for sale?’ and so on and so forth… missin’ the Mullet pak tho i must say.?boo hoo sob sob sniffel (and yes it goes without saying? i’m missing my nearest and dearest, all of ye)

?then some friends from the Ibiza days said unto i, ‘Dave, wants ye to come? Liverpool way to see Jeff Beck?and Buddy Guy in concert?’ to which one can really only have one reply. so off to Liverpool it is with I to listen watch and absorb two of my favouritestist guitar legends!!! yeee haaaa!! and the night after I’ll be playin’ me first ever show in England!! thanks to Phil and Colette (the Liverpool chapter of the many strong ‘Dave Alley?appreciation society’) lookin forward to that i must say

?any ways, must dash

?tarrah from Dingle


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