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News – 04/05/06

so, off to Ireland with I it is? Said Jon to I, ?Dave would you like to come to Ireland to play some music? and said I in reply ?aye?!! early June sees my plane fly skyward away ?cross ocean vast to the north of the globe. For a month or three. a journey a […]

News – 24/04/06

friday me self and Jon hedded from Henderson via train and ferry to Waiheke Island to play at Molly?s. a quiet old affair but we had a ball playing what ever took our fancy and we churned out the occassional song for the Manageress who kinda wanted us to play irish tunes all nite? thanx […]

News – 19/04/06

Kariotahi beach, black sand kilometres long, surf-casters, seagulls, german photographer, meera dog, Tavinor children two, waves roll, sun, crabs, cracks in rocks, wild like all western beaches in nz methinks, soft, sinks car, a bit stuck but dig a little and push we?re away again ?.. aaah noice!24th April ?06

News -18/04/06

so summer slips into memories autumn finds her feet and carresses leaves from trees with Auckland rains i write as littlins on holidays coming down from easter chocolate o.d?s boogie, sleep or annoy the kitten depending on the phase. maroon 5 play on chelles computer where from today i send words to the cybersphere?