Wide awake.. A glimpse at the 2013 tour of Europe. Solo & with Jon Sanders and other assorted friends..

(written in Walldorf (Hess), Singapore and NZ)

so, wide awake after ducking in and out of sleep-land today on the train between Kassel and Walldorf where I stay tonight with friends before flying home tomorrow, I begin reflecting on the tour that has been these last 6 weeks in Europe.
Alot of names I won’t mention though many I’ve spent very special times with.? And I won’t go deep into every day for it would be a novel long and involved.. it’s just a glimpse. Read more

mish on…

the 2013 tour of? Europe is now well under way with the two Sligo (shleego) shows done and dusted.. massive thanks Chris Baillie!

the first gig in Galway tonight shaping up good then it’s hello Dingle! yeee and har!

too taozund and turteen (2013)…

a good start to the year.. as i listen to the preliminary mixes of the recent Raglan Old School live solo recording, a wave of yessness washes contently over. ‘funk in c’, ‘surrounded’, ‘dingle day’… if the gods of all things musical and technological are willing there will be a live album released in the next while..

booking for a planned tour of Europe is underway with first dates to be released in a couple of weeks.



Coal Face Blues

torn between fidelity to the muse

and the pop hilarity blues

the coal face calls

the coal face beckonings

calls to stand

the soul faced reckonings

baxter pulled us out of bed

the usual broken morning dread

and led then on this jk hunt

for feast fed famines to cross examine

stigma staccato battering ram

vigorous vile

ever in style

he never knew polly ester

though polly’s sister he’d see’d

never the world wide web he’d met

with wonderment laced with scorn i’d bet

never serfed the greed fueled toil

the brutal brainless brawl

the grind of the blind led blind

on poisonous ravaged soil

ambled instead intent

the far off mountainous hue

flightling inspired

torrid tirades

gainst the right winged circling buzzards crass

with their crevass encanyoned stumbling sight

and their fumbling ways alas

walked barefoot at times and poignant

bound by naught

a knot a frayed

bound only by thought and it’s tyranny

in its tryst with the un tamed