2015 wrapping up and so forth…

thanks all of ye for the support and enjoyment of what it is that I do and have done over this glorious year, 2015..

As well as many enjoyable shows in Godzone NZ we had another successful grassroots tour of Germany and Austria with S.A.G, Oliver Kraus and Solo shows, thanks to all who made it possible.

I’ve finally taken the stance of ‘no more covers’ at shows that I book.. this is largely because I now have a body of work that I can happily say is worthy! i.e, Enough good original material to play 3 or so hours and maybe then some.

An album is still in the making when finances and schedules allow. I expect it to be out in 2016 after which the next will be started on.. The one in the making is called Simple Ain’t Easy. It is a recording performed with Alex on bass and Rod on drums.. when it comes out I expect you all to buy several copies for your family and friends and work colleagues and so on and so on..

Looking forward to seeing some of you at various shows, festivals etc over summer..

Have a great festive season one and all..

over & out for 2015






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