hello 2018

greetings all,

  the last week+ has been pretty cool.. Christmas was a chilled family gathering in Gizzy. A swim in the Waipaoa river with my brothers & co, a visit to Waihirere, and the old Mangakino Station &  homestead near Whatatutu. Vanny rocked the Waioeka in true Vanny style. Still my favourite drive in NZ. A soak at Waiotapu on the way home, where if you know where to go you get a bath temp° pool to yourselves as the tourists crowd to the waterfall at the end of the track… Te Henga was another stunning gig where the koha box overflowed as the music lovers boogied hard out or chilled and buzzed. Shane Hollands busted out some beat poetisms to the tune of Funk in C & Catski joined us for a Phoebe Snow funk out. Molly’s on Waiheke Is was a quiet affair with Larissa & Andy being the core audience ha ha Quality, not quantity. Malcolm joining the jam on a Rickenbacker full of what can only be labelled, character. And “Carp” joined in for a late night rendition of his song Stranger in this town, a favorite of mine.

Then a morning ferry ride back to the mainland and freeing a P.A laden Vanny from the Britomart carpark for the jaunt to Waipu for the New Years Eve sesh with Rozzie.. The Youth & Ravers were down the road at Northern Bass but the gathered at The Cove busted out some classic dance floor moves to see in the new year. Fireworks revelled and then dawn-light brought a stunning morning along with her so it was into the sea for the first swim and body surf wave of 2018, perfect, pristine, magic. On to Whangarei town basin, rotunda in the rain.. quite pleasant. Then home to the quiet south Auckland settlement.

I have used many of my hats already this year, at least once.. guitarist, singer, percussionist, teacher without teaching, student without studying, tour driver, stage manager, sound engineer, cook, road manager, accountant, administrator, booking agent, roadie, tour guide, song-writer, diplomat etc and it seems 2018 is going to be a busy year with alot more gigging than 2017. Look out for shows in New Zealand, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Austria etc. Many of which will be featuring the rhythm section of the Band, Rod Redgrave and Alex Griffith, with Mark & our extended family of jammers joining us as we go. Looking forward to it all.

Happy 2018 everyone. Hoping to see you innit.


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