a new coat of virtual paint..

Hello all,

I hope the NZ winter is going well for those here in the southern realms, and to those in the north, we all here are a little envious of the summer thing but with time we know we’ll have ours..

A new coat of paint has been applied to the ol’ website, thanks M! Nothing too dramatic.. No interactives as such, nothing for sale (out of print on all albums) and most importantly no pop-up Ads and googlisms to annoy the living daylights out of you. Aaaand there’s no App associated with this site as far as I’m aware. Really, all there is, is a little info on up-coming gigs, some photos and  some links to stuff like Youtube and Facebook where you can get & do lots of other things and interact with virtual people, and download app after app after app… after app..

On to musical matters… The seldom aforementioned album “Simple Ain’t Easy” is still on the way, still, honestly, yep, yessiree and yes ma’am! I’ve managed to whittle it down to just 8 songs. A little over 30 minutes of finely crafted songism.. It should be ready this year, but some of you have heard that old chestnut before so holding of one’s breath is not advised, of course.

Recently an old keyboardist friend joined the band. Our one gig to date as a four-piece was a blast. Mark’s playing is a salubrious addition of groove-laden, melodic bliss. We’re looking forward to having more of these shows in the not tooooo distant future.

Please, keep a look out on the ‘Shows’ page and get along to a gig when you can.

thanks for taking the time to read..

over ‘n’ out



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