quietly quietly…

twenty ten meanders slow-like now after three months?of? varyayshuns… bernie griffin band?and broadsides at kings arms last night was pretty darned cool.?prior to that a?trip manning the sound desk for ‘the curls’ taking in womad along the way. the jaunt from Karamea to Wanaka, sublime… winter?draweth nigh?and i imagine a cosy studio, another recording project? looking forward to getting my maton back from?Dr. Phil (the Luthier that is)?where some overdue?TLC has been lavished apon her… a couple shows comin up, that’s gotta be a good thing… indeed indeed


2010.. the beginning

happy new year folks and wow!! what a start to the decade.. it began in the weee small hours of new years day (of course) swingin from rope swing hanging from a pohutukawa tree neath a perfect night sky on Hahei beach after a cool gig at the grange rd caff.. beautiful!!

onto waiheke for a night of music, friends and a massage chair.. then to whangarei heads for the week long Gaidhealtacht summer school of gaelic music & dance. this is a cool annual gathering of folks who are passionate about their music & arts of a celtic nature. great weather, people, music, food etc amoungst inspiring surroundings with the massive back drop of Mt Manaia. the finale concert with mazey, the robertson girls, fiddle lore, bob mc neil, dave khan and jon sanders was wicked!!

the following night it was back to waiheke for a most cool jam with old? friends Carp, Shayn Wills, Freddy Limbert and Al.. this was the most enjoyable blues jam i’ve had this year and it’s always great catching up with these giants of the sonic realm..

coming up we have concerts planned with Sanders Alley, Dave Khan and various others so check ye old gig guide and we’ll see you about!

have a great year 8)


another yeah…

another year drifts well spent on by. distant past it’s memories soon to be… wow! what a year!!!

thanks,??jon sanders,?rod redgrave,?al griffith, jono lonie, dave khan, toni geiling, pacific curls, myles o’reilly? & aidan , chris priestly, ben reel, ted & ro, bex, eoin & ilonca, scott O, martin, jerry, steve bro, kila, roger & hilary, seldom sober co, ian simpson, gina, bede & carp, mark & kelly, the beattie family, brodie, the robertson family, dave smith, mazey, bluekeys, rick & dori, todd & pip (all the best!), caley, cat tunks, wazza, ben, robbie, gordy, the rest of my friends and family (and many others) for makin’ it a year well worth remembering for i…

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pilsner… weiss… yay!!!

A maestro in front of mee taps tinkles types

yet again yet another master piece un recognised but for the young unjaded unfaded a terrier cancer ridden soundly sleeps peace is hers.. a museum tells of stars of constellations of millenia passed of Neanderthals of erectus robustus a weiss beer blends but for a want of word to a pilsner compose my friend compose for if we don?t who knows who knows? Charicitures mature to become they what they were? spent wee time at the hoose of me brother in far north land we visited maeve she neath her grave piled stones stacked high bove the mountain standing still thru the years unturned?. Spent we then times with ted and his lady magic south coast feast we feast with food divine she shows us ?moungst the vines the garden herbs abound the trees birds cries resound create create

sailed we ?way with the wind to the north west we sangd for the folks of the bluzone a wine place a pizza good patrick arm twisted and gathered the gifted unrifted divine sang we deep to the night good martin doth join us a rhythm entwined back beat 6 on four four on floor I implore explore explore godd bye say we next day limerick heads our way an the night is so wayward it blends night with day? I meet with the blackberry bush close up an personal she digs at mein arms and leaves tracks I?d not asked her to? to Dublin we traipse a town old and derived black pool that once was has dried up it?s demise still they sing of the days of the town they once knew and we roll out a camra and bring on something new with some friends who are blessed and give blessings to wonderers through? we meet with ryan air having not slept not a wink we head off to germany giving not a think.. our maestro friend meets us sausages in mind thanks I say true I?m not the sausage eating kind we amble in mazda down autobahn long the hatch back tried cutting it but is left far behind? we get there in time for time is our friend we settle un ruffled we sleep sleep sincere? show us round this dist place where the language is strange where the girls look amazing where the bicycles range? we play for the children we play for the fair we play for the folks who come listen to hear? we wonder the streets the cafes and eateries the world is laid bare at our feet not discreet here we vague unexplained give our all in the name…