what a summer…

summer was great, quite simply

a small stack of festivals – a few extensive-ish tours of? New Zealand – one microscopic tour in the north island – one album released – and amoung other things, finally making it to Stewart Island for a couple of nights..

too many highlights to pin down the quintessential.. suffice to say that the swimming hole in Oruru ranks somewhere up near the Auckland Folk Festival finale concert in that good for the soul kind of way… chocolate at Bennetts ranks right up there with cruising Ulva Island.. West Coast south island sticks in the memory alongside a show in Taihape where the brazier burnt late to the night..? Dingle Rd, Wanaka, Donovans Store, Picton and the fine art of burnt toast in relation to wine, the Mussell, Cathedral Cove on crystal mornings, crayfish at christmas, service station vege pie overdose and on it goes…!!

Thanks to all those who have hosted us along the way.. thanks to those who have shared a melody, a laugh or two, a meal, a tale and so on..

a solo tour and a trip to the other side of the planet in the pipe line… mayhaps

see you out thar


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