new songs…

a small flood of new songs, some completely fresh some old works in progress which have merely had the finishing touches added, are finding themselves added haphazard-like to shows of ?late. ?this is good ja?! good… hopefully this weekend will see the song “we might all get hit by a rather large bus” join the ranks. it’s a song about the cut-throat world of life as a mannequin.

?also we have ‘there but for the grace of god go i” which is a kind’v self explanatory title which should therefore not need explaining. “Tides” an 18 month old song about the shape of the planet, figuratively speaking, reworked slighty to imbue? the vibe of the Hokianga and also

‘walk to a pier” written in connemrra in 2006?about walking to a pier… a song of irony i guess…?

and various others mayhaps… ?aaaah this i like!

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