softl softly rock ‘n’ roll… travel these roads, we pay the tolls..

so the tour trucks along superbulistically! the music gets better and better.. onewhero class, hahei rocked and Toni busted out the dance moves at the after party. Biddy’s, we made it through the jadedness after hahei and? Te Aroha swimmings.. Patumahoe delightful, kids and pumpkins..? tropical kerikeri and the Tomb’s thanks. Whangateau quiet and quaint.. Oratia, again tropical lush green, jazz bands and dysfunctional loop pedal botherers kind’ve like religious folk knocking on the door at on a sunday, where’s the music? where is your god?

Taumarunui, noice on the main trunk line and a stop in at Ohura of all places many a mile from the nearest beaten track, in a sense. tranquil, the mid nite mouse eats my bag of chips how dare ye!?

Whanganui deserves it’s own paragraph.. Paul Symons’ band mellow and groovier than i’d thort nicely so. great to see the guys and to meet Des the drummer dude.. what a place wow wow wow!! a great New Zealand blend.

Mainland, Picton and the hospo brilliant.. midnite ramblings and twisted talkinglings.. the Malborough swim and Moroccan tea, oh yeah! the Kaikoura coast and the whining camel bless.. Christchurch broken yet resolute.. rumblings and a unification a mixed pair..? Tekapo Lake a swim cold, perfect neath the mountains white sawing at the blue day..

Wanaka a friend lends a house for the stay, soo happy.. nice.. space.. time to chill. Okarito, gold in the creeks. Donovans incredible.. Pipi bolognese thanks Richard & Ed.. a truly great show. Kayaks in the morning sun to forests of Kahikatia.. Franks Greymouth and the global village.. Onwards Nelson and the house of fairfield wow.. another truly special night for reasons only the gathered will ever know..

and on it goes..


a frayed knot..

i might get inspired.. traverse the net arms wide.. west coast rocks gnaw at the soul, pop art they say, beautiful & gaunt the? hauntinglings.. a song about a train.. a karioitahi sunset, a dancer sways succinct.. a tour draws nigh, brother Toni from deutschland brings a violin and saws the sky bound only by the universe and her simple laws.. “shuddup and play yer g’tar”.. see you out thar, peruse the page of stages set to play if you may the time to take..


on and on the riddle rolls unsolved…

soooo… ’twas a great five week tour in Europe taking in Ireland, Wales, England, Germany and Poland..

Giggin with Jon and Toni is always a blast.. at times zany, at times wonderous, at times mind blowing..

From Dingle to Castleblaney & Dublin, Old Colwyn to Lakes District, Huddersfield & Chester then on to Rheine, Halle, Zlotov & Mullenbach… wow! quite simply..

Sitting late night wired again before the rectangular-eyed cyclops tapping on its toenails i wonder where it all went. Supping coffee watching the autumn leaves turn, miles and miles of autobahns, ferries, show after show of? good vibe, music and laughs. time moves on, but time can take a while. we’ll do it again no doubt…

next chapter, after all it’s not about where you’ve been they say.. but if that were true i’d have only written three songs, hmmm speaking of which, two new songs near completion.. working tiltles – ‘i love europe’ and ‘baptism’ just about done… liking them too. maybe another recording session soon.

shows comin up though fewish and farish between… Oparau festival in a couple of weeks then Prana festival over new years… yeee and haaar!! A couple others will no doubt be thrown into the mix..

Lookin forward, as is often the case.. adios amigos


The quiet..

the quiet gloom of an exceptionally cold winter dissipates to the brightening skies of a not too distant summer.. a jaunt to the northward hemisphere draweth nigh after shows here in NZ, salubrious in nature, enjoyed of late and so to come.. from one the funkiest bars in New Zealand located in Wairoa of all places, to the depths of the Waikaretu Valley Caves, the Wine Cellar in Auckland and the Waiheke Island Blues Festival.. much fun, much music, many friendly faces new and remembered well from the recent decades grace these memory bank walls…

visit, please do, the ‘shows‘ page and get along..

see you there