0rtim, wintur, spring..

Was a great show at Lopdell House on Saturday night just gone. A big catch up with the Titirangi crowd most enjoyed! Thanks David Parker and the crew.. great to see the Chilele’s, Black Sand Diva, The Bads & DK stylish as I don’t know what. Peter Fielding and The Mutts! Arjuna tinklin the keys in the front room party vibes abound..

Meanwhile back at the coal face pre-production for another album is the order of the day.. Song writing and delving into the archives to see what can be layed down on the tracks. Plan is to have it done by the end of summer with The Band and assorted allies in the mix of tings, so save yer coins good people.

A couple more shows before I leave the shore line heading for distantville, bless..


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