Lakeside Polish Sunset Stroll

landed in Luton after a jet lagged day in Amsterdam checkin the scene, railways and boats in canals. Rolled up to Malvern slipping in and out of consciousness and converstaions.. The healing water town. Off to the west is Wales, the sun sets sail painted pink her fingernails scratch trails in the fading light. English garden rehearsals where the stream chuckles and gurgles. Doves and thier low down morse code calls. A gig at the club with a druid and his band of minstrels.. A roman fort like a Maori pa site sits serene south.

We wroll north to the east and to York. Huddersfield welcomes. To York to a show. 800 year old tapestries backdrops and ghosts so we’re told. A spot of cricket so English and fine. Knocked for a six not unlike pick up sticks old war wounds aworry we set sail south.

Dover to Dunkirk, Dunkirk to Den Bosch where the gathered enjoyed, ‘specially the 2 year old mosh pit queen. The road educates it enlightens, elates. It gives and it takes with its elucidations. Beers at the bar, history, politics, ethics and reason.

12 hours in a car in dear Poland we are..? A stroll by the lakeside, dusk spiders pitch camp quiet in the trees while little fish make ripples reflecting and fleeting. Whiskey and icecream, streamingly conscious. Words on a page speak of life and its stages.



Site upgrade.

a bit of an upgrade goin on with the site. a new coat of paint and what have you.. will be fully happening in the next few days.. thanks Mark @ Paragon. d

0rtim, wintur, spring..

Was a great show at Lopdell House on Saturday night just gone. A big catch up with the Titirangi crowd most enjoyed! Thanks David Parker and the crew.. great to see the Chilele’s, Black Sand Diva, The Bads & DK stylish as I don’t know what. Peter Fielding and The Mutts! Arjuna tinklin the keys in the front room party vibes abound..

Meanwhile back at the coal face pre-production for another album is the order of the day.. Song writing and delving into the archives to see what can be layed down on the tracks. Plan is to have it done by the end of summer with The Band and assorted allies in the mix of tings, so save yer coins good people.

A couple more shows before I leave the shore line heading for distantville, bless..


i’ve been riding for days..

a new song about the quest that is life with words so fast i need to learn how to say/sing stuff though i’ve been speaking/singing this language for quite a while now.. has a hint of Zep to boot, autumn, does it every year.. the summer fades, the winter looms.. songs pop out of the void.

sad to hear of the passing of the great New Zealand master musician Yogi Martin. although the squeeze box has never been a favourite instrument of mine, in Yogi’s hands and with his amazing talent and dexterity of mind it was something entirely different.. RIP Yogi, many a good yak and a good tune or two back in the day..