Coal Face Blues

torn between fidelity to the muse

and the pop hilarity blues

the coal face calls

the coal face beckonings

calls to stand

the soul faced reckonings

baxter pulled us out of bed

the usual broken morning dread

and led then on this jk hunt

for feast fed famines to cross examine

stigma staccato battering ram

vigorous vile

ever in style

he never knew polly ester

though polly’s sister he’d see’d

never the world wide web he’d met

with wonderment laced with scorn i’d bet

never serfed the greed fueled toil

the brutal brainless brawl

the grind of the blind led blind

on poisonous ravaged soil

ambled instead intent

the far off mountainous hue

flightling inspired

torrid tirades

gainst the right winged circling buzzards crass

with their crevass encanyoned stumbling sight

and their fumbling ways alas

walked barefoot at times and poignant

bound by naught

a knot a frayed

bound only by thought and it’s tyranny

in its tryst with the un tamed






summer kicks in…

the highlight of the last few weeks has been the phenomenally enjoyable show at Kiwi Valley in Henderson last friday 30th.. the last night of spring on the calendar, y’know.

it was a stupendously enjoyable show organised by Toitoi Music Management and yours truly..

support act, The Nobody Girls, from Hamilton came on and wooed the crowd with some beautiful songs and vocal harmonies followed by the mighty Dave Khan playing a no-holds-barred set of Dave Khan-isms wielding guitar, fiddle, mandolin with some great singing and presence to burn..

the sun slowly set as Glow Worm and Cat’s stunning lighting set-up slowly came to life. Erin (from The Nobody Girls) and I kicked things off with a newbie – Train.. after that the lads hit the stage and the rest is a blur of music and dance. As Glow Worm’s meteorite slowly shattered the earth the moon rose slow up over the stage the beautiful night that had been promised by Cathy of Kiwi Valley descended whole heartedly ending some time later exhausted and danced out yet ready for more.. Massive thanks to Toitoi Music Management, Glow Worm, Kiwi Valley and all who came along.. mayhaps see you at Piha for more of the same-ish.


another trek.. (back dated – Oct 7)

the 2012 voyage along the back roads and autobahns of the u.k & europe draws nigh on it’s conclusion. after poland and farewells we meandered west then south to the welcoming curiosity that is east germany, a land whose history i still struggle to understand. museums, west african and soft metal bands, irish pubs, galleries, cafes, riverside ramblings, cathedrals, graveyards, memorials, castles. a video shoot in renovationville, powertools and bags of cement a floydian lament and a tumultuous tune.



Lakeside Polish Sunset Stroll

landed in Luton after a jet lagged day in Amsterdam checkin the scene, railways and boats in canals. Rolled up to Malvern slipping in and out of consciousness and converstaions.. The healing water town. Off to the west is Wales, the sun sets sail painted pink her fingernails scratch trails in the fading light. English garden rehearsals where the stream chuckles and gurgles. Doves and thier low down morse code calls. A gig at the club with a druid and his band of minstrels.. A roman fort like a Maori pa site sits serene south.

We wroll north to the east and to York. Huddersfield welcomes. To York to a show. 800 year old tapestries backdrops and ghosts so we’re told. A spot of cricket so English and fine. Knocked for a six not unlike pick up sticks old war wounds aworry we set sail south.

Dover to Dunkirk, Dunkirk to Den Bosch where the gathered enjoyed, ‘specially the 2 year old mosh pit queen. The road educates it enlightens, elates. It gives and it takes with its elucidations. Beers at the bar, history, politics, ethics and reason.

12 hours in a car in dear Poland we are..? A stroll by the lakeside, dusk spiders pitch camp quiet in the trees while little fish make ripples reflecting and fleeting. Whiskey and icecream, streamingly conscious. Words on a page speak of life and its stages.