thanks all of ye for the support and enjoyment of what it is that I do and have done over this glorious year, 2015..

As well as many enjoyable shows in Godzone NZ we had another successful grassroots tour of Germany and Austria with S.A.G, Oliver Kraus and Solo shows, thanks to all who made it possible. Read more

Work finally began in earnest on “the new album” last night with yours truly and the band – Rod Redgrave (drums) and Alex Griffith (bass) setting up and jamming ideas… The grooves are stupendously fat and the rest will fall into place I’m sure.. hoping to be finished before the end of the year..


another year launches into being with stupendous levels of splendour.

Prana Festival was bliss with divine cosmic twists.. Stop ins at Redgie and Sandy’s new place, Valentes, in Raglan and a concert in Piha with the mighty mighty Swamp Thing.

Auckland Folk festival was a joyous affair with Dennis selling cajons, Roddy and Setha selling organic garlic, Connor swingin the legendary Bollix sign to the tune of some fine home brew, and so on.. The amazing Dan Walsh, not to be missed if you’re in the vacinity of one of his gigs..

up coming tour dates to be posted soon, a bit of a galavant around parts on our little nation through March/April.. look out!



(written in Walldorf (Hess), Singapore and NZ)

so, wide awake after ducking in and out of sleep-land today on the train between Kassel and Walldorf where I stay tonight with friends before flying home tomorrow, I begin reflecting on the tour that has been these last 6 weeks in Europe.
Alot of names I won’t mention though many I’ve spent very special times with.? And I won’t go deep into every day for it would be a novel long and involved.. it’s just a glimpse. Read more