what a week…

so saturday august 23rd saw the blues band (currently nameless) playing our second gig… this one was at bar 159 in henderson and we recorded the night too so samples will be up on the site soon… sounding good and the crowd there luvved it!! am loving playing electric guitar again after a four year break from it when i’ve been doing almost totally acoustic stuff..
acoustic edge down at harvest bar on thursday was one of the finest nights to date, of course there have been many stand out nights over the last year or so… te rina, stu strawbridge, wiremu & gat man, then emma walters with my buddy warren mendonsa… far out!! all who were there would testify it was a superb line up of talented cats…
then after an almost entirely forgettable gig at the fiddler on friday night i hedded off on my big red launch (subritsky ferry) to waiheke island on saturday to record ‘3 legged horse’ (a wicked waiheke based band) at a mud brick home leant by a friend… wow!!! they cats laid down some sublime tracks over two days for an album to be released sometime soon-ish… the mad playing of guest cellist emily, the drumming of magic miles and a cupla gat trax from yours truly mixed in with the horses stunning song-writing, instrumentation, singing & production will no-doubt result in an album that turns heads up side down… superbulous!!


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