truckin’ salubrious-like….

so it is…. head phones on, workin’ on the album, life is fine… mp3s sent around the planet?in the hope that rather talented friends will find the time to lay tracks… Wazza’s on board in the mix-down, gat?licks & masterin’ department… thanks and praise?be to allah or?which ever god we’re?kow-towin’ to today?i say… release will probably be next year now me thinx but will keep ye all posted…. can’t rush a good thing i say…

?a new guitar will be gracin’ the guitar stand at gigs from here on out… not to mention the studio. yay!!! screecheth i!! a nigh on brand spanking new Maton?EBG808L?which i’m settin up for slide.. i.e putting in ultra high bridge and nut and looking at the frets and contemplating having them ever so gently removed (ripped out!!)?yes sacrilege i know, but if done correctly it can all be put back to original at a later date…

?rain falls cold and heavy… cough cough…

?tarrah from Pukekohe



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