Tommy Emmanuel concert…

so?having been invited along by?Mazey to see the legendary Tommy Emmanuel in concert i was rather expectational sitting there with Craig? on one side & Clare on the other?thinkin?’hey this is gonna be summit’… Tommy comes out and flies into an energetic onslaught of notes; rhythmic, melodic, percussive & ?intuitive… by the third bar of the song i realised the dude had played more notes, more cunningly and skillfully?than i usually play in the course of one whole week.. by the 5th bar i was in a blissful state of overload.. the complete mastery of his playing through out the course of the evening was interspersed with moments of pure?magic where his adept skill and musicality would combine to gift us with extended split seconds of something from somewhere else… thanks Tommy.. thanks Mazey for the invite…

?the months that have flown by since last i wrote have been of a haphazard nature… trials tribulations… the odd occasion of musical majestic mayhem.?two recent shows spring to mind as having been of note.. One was the finale of the ‘tour de Franklin’. the show at Harrington theatre Pukekohe?featured, Earthworkz, Flow, Niall Martin and myself with my merry bunch of sidekicks aka the Dave Alley Band. a ball was had by all and the ‘all on-stage’ finale of the evening was something special… yeeehaaa could be some footage coming to a website near you soon… The other show of particular note for i was a recent gig with the ‘the blue Mullets’ at the dogs bollix.. ‘the blue mullets’ is what happens when jono can’t make a mulleteer gig and we ring in blues/rock guitarist Warren Mendonsa to fill in (we also play as a designated blues band on occasion).. seeing as a local tekkie Arjan had just repaired my trusty ‘fender lead three’?guitar i had a ball jammin with the guys (and Lorina Harding made an appearance on vocals?too). keep your eys peeled those of you in Europe as a wee trip over your way is in the pipeline… onwards!


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