the winter months…

mellow are the days for now, looking after the wee’n during the days, flipping open the laptop when moments allow to fine tune the up coming album… or picking up one of the gats to pluck away, i tell ya a mans work is never done! current forays into ‘dadgad’ tuning are proving fruitful as new ideas spring haphazard to mind.. and the relationship with my Maton slide guitar is blossoming into a rather intense affair. a gig on friday just gone with Sean Kelly and one of the usual suspects, jono, was a bit of a hoot allowing me to back a coupla tunes with use of my still primitive ‘dadgad’ knowledge… although tiredness due to an alarming lack of sleep slowed yours truly up, a good night was had by all. things are chilled on the giggage front for now as the gigs page will testify… i blame winter personally.. but keep an eye and ear to the ground… always good to see ya’s oot thar


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