the mainland… pt 2

any way, with the mainland firmly set in our rear view mirrors we ambled back up to raumati to catch up with the folks there and meet yet again with that old buddy, sleep. the morning saw a wee walk down to raumati central to ye old lembas cafe via brodi’s? art gallery… heyzeus! what a fine sculpture he doth sculpt! kid ye i not! any way the poor dude mistook i for some one rich and leapt out of slumber to make a sale, he he! sorry old boy! onwards strode i for to sup a hot chocolate with none other than masters wills and bognuda, simmo, simon and the clan simmo… looking forward to gettin back there one day, not a bad wee spot.

?again the plane called for us come hither so thither we slithered and withered away up into the skies bidding the generous simon good bye… landing in orx and for the first time in a while i used the old buses to cover the miles.. to manukau, manurewa, takanini and on.. til at last i stood fast as the puke’ sun shon.

?years have passed it would seem of course years not have been, just so busy these days are the ways of the knave… a recording session here, a gig there, a child over there and a poster to design. an album, a tour a jam session an old friends farewell party and on it goes… a walk along a black sand beach a song dancing over head just beyond reach like and eel in the creek slips through the mud at your feet… where’s the ship the old gypsy lady said would come in?

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