The Curls…

…a mosquito has given me a hiki… i look out over the hokianga harbour. out the back door of my van… i look back over the week and a half that’s just been… a week and a half that started a month ago whilst supping coffee with karen, roderick & co at the hardware caff…?there i?took a call from Ora, ‘dave can you come do sound for us?’…

?’yep’… the north island leg of the tour started in Gisborne on a Wednesday and moved on through Opotiki, Whakatane and so forth till we wound up here in this idyllic paradise that is Heathers place in Opononi,?in the Hokianga,?after the last show in Waimamaku last night..
?the waves break on the bar,? the cicadas sing staccato..
?to have been involved in the rich tapestry that is the Pacific Curls has been a treat of the highest order..
? to hear night in night out the finely crafted melodies worked and honed to perfection by this trio of talented women…
?? to bear witness to the hard yards of intensive touring… then to enjoy the?pulsating cajons, twirling thappity thap of poi, soaring majestic violin, koauau,?funky ukelele, guitar and kalimba…
astounding soothing three way harmonies…??absolute bliss…?thanks curls… ;)?

?still the waves break on the bar, the cicadas sing staccato…

aroha nui


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