Roger Waters….

….so it was! Kerry and i jumped in the holden and headed up to North harbour stadium to see the undisputed king of the Floydian realm…?the God of my teenage years, Roger Waters… and in 2007 with the technology around now the master of the recording studio and the concert arena?used every ounce of it to astound us visually and audiologically.. before the show started even, the show had begun…. before you even realised… subtle use of?video projected onto the massive back-drop screen… what looked like a couple of massive round speaker cones sitting on the stage one realised were in fact the knobs on an old?radio as a massive hand out of nowhere reached across to twiddle and find another station… inadvertently tuning into abba before quickly moving on leaving the crowd chuckling vehemently… sitting high in the grandstand and hearing the surrounding speakers quietly injecting the classic?Waters ‘spoken voice behind the music’ moments was amazing. I’ve never heard such pristene sound at a concert. mother nature smiled and?blessed us with a perfect night so when the massive?(the size of a double decker bus at least) classic pink helium inflated pig complete with “impeach Bush now” emblazened?on its posterior was paraded around high above the?crowd and then released to sail off to the starry heavens, it’s gentle glide up and over the stadium grandstand roof was poetry in itself…

?the man is a genius?and with?one of his new songs, ‘leaving beirut’ being a highlight of the show it goes to show that he is still creating the quality music that he was as the leading songwriter of Floyd and through the ‘pros and cons’, ‘radio kaos’ and ‘amused to death’ albums, Snowy White?playing his beautifully toned Gibson Les Paul… soaring with ease…?the singer?(which one i’m not entirely sure) who sang the vocal masterpiece?”great gig in the sky” was?astounding!!?she took the song by its roots and hauled it to the stratosphere and gave it all the passion of the original and then some…

??Dave Kilminster playing a green Tele’ had a tone that Gilmour would be envious of. although?Kilminster was playing all the Gilmour lines, the perfection of all the elements of guitaring was an inspiration, undoubtedly,?to every player in the place.??for a musician who very obviously has his own style to play another players licks with such immaculateness is a testament to him. only detouring rarely and most tastefully showing true mastery Kilminster took my vote easily in place of Doyle Brammel 3 (another gat man used by Waters) in this role. it’s so great to hear guitars, in particular, mixed and sounding EXACTLY as they should! of course Andy Fairweather-Low was there injecting his most distinctive scything style as well…

all in all, a?memory to treasure…?and the?highest on my list of? ‘must see before i die’ shows now witnessed…. earxcellent!


?? great!

??? sublime….

???? D

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