well the weekend just gone was one to remember for this farmer boy from Gizzy… called in by the RMA guys to record some rhythm and slide gat tracks on an album featuring harmonica players from around New Zealand i showed at the studio with a stack of borrowed gats and amps and a bundle of anticipation for what was to come… Gordy setting up drums, Bluekeys primed and ready to go with Alex on the way and Craig & Darcy running the show this was gonna be fun!! so we get rolling and lay down two groovin tracks of Craigs. a little ways though some one mentions Bullfrog is showing up soon! now it ain’t every day you get a chance to record with a cat like that so my smile is big… the tracks come up nice and we truck on into a couple of partying Darcy tracks and day one is done and dusted! day two sees Peri Grant and his crew from Rotorua laying down some memorable tracks… one is stuck in my head still and it’s wednesday! then a chap with the unlikely name of Haggis Mc Guiness shows up and two more rockin harp laden tracks are nailed down nice and?tight.

?the mulleteer lads Rodiz?and Jono turn up and we three head for Hahei to play a sixties themed bash called the firemans ball… so in true sixties style we?jam madly over sixties songs with a raw edgey (hope it sounds better out front) sound and rock the place silly for hours on end while?Lulu look alikes shake?it shake it baby now to the beat.. man.?a true dressed up hippie look alike who looked like a hippie turns up with a sign?”GET?OUT OF VITNAM” had to ask him what he was on… Jono had been there before (the sixties that is, sorry jono) so suffered flash backs all night and tried desperately to combat them with copious amounts of wine..

so back to Orks in the a.m then off to old buddy T’s place to catch up, show off the Mattsen ‘gothic’ resophonic gat?that i have on loan and sift through his vast dvd collection…?”Brothers in arms” remix/mastered, Michael Hedges and Paco de Lucia, all through state of the art surround sound with a 52 inch?screen… bliss….. bliss…


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