on we play…

so it is, i sit here with tired eyes about to update ye old web blog thingy… my nigh on three week old baby boy?asleep on my lap… so cute! life’s good.. WAAAAH WAAAAH (that’s the now very awake bubba sayying hi) and look he’s learning to type already -?xzbvjdffnnj

?the music has been goin schweet! Jonny and i played for the GANZ (guitar association of New Zealand) folks to rapturous applause, of course ;)?on wednesday and had our good buddy Roderick step up and play a bit of darbuka (just discovered, courtesy of google, that i’ve been spelling that word wrong for?seven or so years!.. shocking really… Eyal, are you out there?) as well… tonight sees myself, Rod and a few crew up at Elevation where we had a good show two weeks ago wit Wazza Mendonsa joining Rod and i with his blistering electrified guitar. quite amazing really…?and tomorrow the Doc and i are off to the Barrier for a show at the Possum!… cannae wait!??

?keep an eye on the gig guide as?we will be playin in a few different?towns around the country side over the next couple of months… hope to see you out there ;)



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