on and on the riddle rolls unsolved…

soooo… ’twas a great five week tour in Europe taking in Ireland, Wales, England, Germany and Poland..

Giggin with Jon and Toni is always a blast.. at times zany, at times wonderous, at times mind blowing..

From Dingle to Castleblaney & Dublin, Old Colwyn to Lakes District, Huddersfield & Chester then on to Rheine, Halle, Zlotov & Mullenbach… wow! quite simply..

Sitting late night wired again before the rectangular-eyed cyclops tapping on its toenails i wonder where it all went. Supping coffee watching the autumn leaves turn, miles and miles of autobahns, ferries, show after show of? good vibe, music and laughs. time moves on, but time can take a while. we’ll do it again no doubt…

next chapter, after all it’s not about where you’ve been they say.. but if that were true i’d have only written three songs, hmmm speaking of which, two new songs near completion.. working tiltles – ‘i love europe’ and ‘baptism’ just about done… liking them too. maybe another recording session soon.

shows comin up though fewish and farish between… Oparau festival in a couple of weeks then Prana festival over new years… yeee and haaar!! A couple others will no doubt be thrown into the mix..

Lookin forward, as is often the case.. adios amigos


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