not your average weekend of insanely good music…

to be sure, the weekend just gone was one of superb moments in musical exploration… tursday saw a wee jam at 121 with an old jamming buddy from the java jive days, roscoe… dude still plays a mean gat i reckon.. with nigel gavin kicking along for the sonic ride it was quite a delightful journey and folks there seemed to agree… saturday nite and the mulleteers gathered in good form to play our favorite ol spot ‘the dogs bollix’. yeee haaa. now the mullets are a curious band and some times we’re good, and sometimes we are kaka. this particular night the stars must have all lined up and the gods of all things musical must have smiled wide cos man we rockt!!!! the ten people there were pretty darned impressed and the four members of the three mulleteers all agreed for once that it was indeed a kick arse night.. aint that the way sometimes.. band rocks stupendously and no-one is there to appreciate it.. any way. mullets are back at bollix this saturday, late notice so get yerselves along there…

?sunday yours truly had his first duo gig with the highly talented dave khan… jeeeeesuz! dude can play!! had a ball! anyways… we’re doin’ sundays from 6-9 at o’carrolls in vulcan lane if you find yourself in auckland on a sunday, get on down there…

?any one with a spare cheap toyota hiace lying around… get in touch..


p.s, pukekohe light opera clubs’ production, ‘the producers’ was bloody brilliant.. popt along on friday and was wowed!! top stuff..

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