News – 27/03/06

so it is?Te Kuiti, monday morning waiting for the grail boys heddin? this way from Coro to do some recordin?. A nite too heavy on the turps makes for a late show? the rains fall heavy, last night the far north was nearly blown from the map by a slow moving bundle of decimation called ?cyclone something or other?.time on my hands, time to jot jottings? Gordy mills about setting up up things that make sound waves and other things that capture them?.

I?ve just finished ripping all the frets out of my trusty old Maton making her a real Mc Coy blues slide kick arse gat!! aaah inspiration? Hammon Gamble?s latest album plays on the stereo. Darcy Perry and the band have put out a new one too I?m told!! it?s all go in this little country.. I got pulled up by a cop on the way down here from Orkland? a little way into the interrogation ?what?s your occupation?? says he, ?musician? says i, ?m?.u?..s?.i?, damn!? says he ?Monday morning? looking a bit sheepish ?m?.u?..s?.i?c?.i?..a?..n? says i helpfully turns out he?s from my home town Gizzy and lets me off with a warning after yakking about playing rugby with my brother etc? joy!

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