News – 26/03/06

Hi all,it?s been a great cupla weeks here in heaven? God?s been positive and happy and she says that the rehab has been going well.. we all hope she?s kicked the habit for good this time! Terence has been doing a great job filling in for her while she?s been away..some one wound all the clocks backwards or forwards last week and i remain confused to this day.

it?s rainin? like it?s winter now, cold and wet, cold, cold, wet, cold? etc have just been to the west (titirangi) where folks are outwardly buzzing on the coming festival? the thrill of coming musical festivities eminates from the very ground we all hover across. should be fun.the mullet Pac played a pearler of a show last night (of course i?d say that) after we had an absolute shitter the week before on St Paddies day.. Jono showed up fluey and croaking and coughing, ?no BV?s for me tonite? said he. Rod showed up positively glowing, whistling even! after a late night gig with BSM the previous evening this was a most pleasant surprise? I set up toys to tinker with, namely my old Maton set up for lap slide playing ;)much fun! and i welcomed the return of my stomp box! oonst oonst oonst?. the lads and i waltsed into the gig with a few soothing numbers (songs not joints) and proceeded to rock the joint (venue) from then on. Eliza ?back in town to create havoc amounst the male population? Anderson graced us with her prescence and played a few tunes with us? stonkingly good I say? the highlight of the night for yours truly, and many of the gathered will agree, was the drumming of the Roddle. after many years of playing music with this multi faceted rhythmic wizard, ?The Rod? stepped it up many many notches last nite and positively blew the place away in a series of sonic voyages capturing, i felt, the energy of every one in the place and hurling it back out via the drums in displays of flawless intricacy and flow? very big were the grins on the faces of my self and many others?. I feel an album coming on. I visited old friend and mentor, JT, this week. and spoke with him about recording music at his grey lynn home studio? after one too many coffees i left there with subtle caffiene induced twitches but gleeful. hoping to have an album done by the end of winter or spring?. 2006? watch this space.? ciao for now

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