News – 13/03/06

well the week gone was a pearler for sure? the highlight for me was the Grail re-union on thursday.. the Gordster, G, Jono and i all congregated at G?s place along with Mr. Grail himself, Mickey Martin, to sup ales, bludge all of G?s rollies (me anyway) and yak about the old & the new. we watched a DVD filmed by one of the Donegans regulars from 2004 and marveled at what a kick arse band we were! of course. Gordy filled the oven with pieces of dead animals and turned it on high whilst G showed me the finer points of mixing coconut cream with pataks ready made thai and half a bag of watties mixed veg?. ah the simple joys. friday was a very long day? friday nite saw the lads Rodiz & Dave ambling on out to chek the Sean Kelly band (one of jono?s other gigs) at the Clare Inn? bluddy marrvelous thought i! thence onward, Joti in tow, to Hanah?s fare thee well bash at a rather large house in Parnell. it took Rod a few hours to warm up and hit the dance floor? should?ve seen that man boogie!!! a dancing style not unlike Jaws i remember thinking. Jono showed up after giggin? his tits off to sup wine and saunter around lookin cool? whilst i gave a strange woman a foot massage after she landed in the vicinity? as you do. still got sore calf muscles from dancin? most of the night?. ?twere a blast! happy travels H. Saturday? in the west (of auckland that is), a day of mushrooms (not the perspective enhancing variety) and conversin? to the depths with me ol? buddy Karen?. after which, mulleteers gathered one by one at the bollix for giggage with the G-meister replacing the Roddled one who were away with the BSM lot. thumped along merrily it did!! nice to gig with Gerry again? he?s learned to play harp and guitar and still pumps out a mean bass line!! there?s no stopping the BIG MAN! kinda would?ve liked to have chekt Andy White at the c-club? a few folks came to the bollix after and said it was phenomenal? ah well. retired we all well tho haggard come nite?s end to homes homely discussing til the wee hours horoscopes and the likes and dis likes of mushrooms? the week also saw boy sprog?s rugby skills comin? along nicely? his kickin? and passing aren?t too bad at all? a little half back for sure? and the sprog lasses twain forays into fotoshop morphing never fails for a laugh?. my Holdie?s still for sale, any one for a ?91 station wagon? goes good? cheap cheap?? and autumn?s creepin? slowly nigh. chilled breezes, coffee on the verandah looking out over the tree tops to the east?. shalom

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