layin’ low…

…things are pretty quiet on the Dave Alley front at the mo don’t you know… sittin’ around reading some good books waitin’ for a bubba to arrive on the planet… two days over due and counting…

?highlight of the musical scene in the last few weeks was a kinda re-union of the Jon and Dave duo. Rodiz was away at “Sound splash” reggae festival in Raglan so I called on Jon to fill in.. and after we’d swept away a few cob webs from songs we’d done in Ireland last year it was all go… finding?the old groove and ploughing through some cool dual guitar manouvres to the delight of the few gathered Elevation regulars… a good rehearsal for a series of March gigs for us..

?the album is on hold (again) whilst the waiting game continues… but listening to mix downs on the laptop is?currently a favourite pastime…?

?looking forward to sharing it with y’all sometime in the next few months…


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