Great! the barrier…

?’chelle dropped me at the airport and i waltzed on through to find a rather small rickety looking plane that was to take myself and maybe seven or so others to the island off the coast… the wind?howled sporadic?and the rain danced through the air… seated beside the engine my ear drums fibrolating wildly prayed for mercy and i wished i’d taken the ferry..turbulence is an unwelcome reminder of pending death and destruction. moments come and go that find the heart beating not unlike a propellor but in the throat region?as if attempting to flee the body through the mouth… the pilot looks to be about seventeen!!! JAYSUSS!!! the flight is rough through the world of white and rain, crosswinds?but a text book landing on the grass at Barrier. i collect my gats and backpack, wet, from the trolley and off we go to discover Great Barrier Island… the Stray Possum lodge run by Sean and Nerissa is a beautiful spot nestled in the bush about a 15 minute walk from the wharf in Tryphena harbour… the bar/restaurant is gorgeous and the folks are chilled… lavish dinner and drinks precede a cool night of playing and jamming with some of the locals… Ben is a canadian dude?who does the whole vocal beat-box thing and he gets up to give it a whirl.. the best i’ve heard! i had to look around to see if the cat had discreetly plugged in a drum machine of some description but?he was an au natural?walking drum kit… mintah!?Nerissa sings a few and the gathered dance the nite away merrily… day two and the sun is out and the wind has kinda died…?sunday markets down the road where locals gather to trade a few nick nacks and wares. found some?gorgeous local grown macadamia nuts smothered in?chocolate… hmm?must buy. i?proceed to mosy?on for some bush walkin’.?pristine, native-ish?. birds callin’ like i haven’t heard before… yakkin’ merrily bird talk… whiskey fades slowly from amounst the brain cells… what a place…. lunch with the crew then back to the plane tentatively… the wind has died and the plane has grown bigger over nite… a good thing…?aerial view of the barrier and then waiheke and Auckland city… the stadium where U2’s stage is being set up is looking impressive already… airport, welcoming tarmac, back on earth again… ;)


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