D. Parker & Luke Hurley… noice gig…

so last friday i get the call up to go and do sound for Dave Parker band and Luke Hurley at the theatre up in ‘titters darling’ (titirangi)… so off i trundle with the p.a to do wot i do… we set up get it sounding shweet then i sit back to enjoy and twiddle knobs at random and at will…?aaaah the POWER!!! Dave Parker lays down a cool jazzy-ish set whilst battling commendably the lurgy (cold) that he’s picked up from wee tyke skool kids… then Luke comes on to a hushed crowd of?commited, and soon to be, fans. dude plays an immaculate set and regales the gathered throughout with tales of the life of a true troubador. as a guitarist i sit and marvel, as a songwriter i’m gob-smacked.. as a punter (and sound guy in this case)?i simply enjoy…



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