bounce bounce bounce…

goes the wee’n, gurgling dribbling… it’s so rock’n’roll that it’s just not funny… a step closer a footstep further to where one day we’ll know… kapeesh?…. kapeesh… so Jono and i amble aboard our very own cruise liners (ferries) bound for an off shore island plundered paradise laden with tools of the troubadours trade for a night of tunes and songs for the gathered ones… ploughing merrily from melody to lyric to mayhem and back as the winter night grows cold outside… amongst hues of red and blue the sonic stew it brews it grows it flies on wings like feathered things from elsewhere here nor there quite unprepared unsteered and flaring daunting daring haunting hearing morphing tearing taming tones and stepping stones we done & dusted dangle dazed…

a lighting can awaits repair, a drum sits longing on a chair.. the lap top wurrs a hardrive hums the old guitar sits still unstrummed… the wee’n sleeps

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