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so the other day an ol’ buddy flicks me a facebook message askin if i wants to hit the airwaves on bfm… wot!? of corse thort i and responded accordingly.?consequently off i trundled?into maddening auckland morning traffic on tursday to join adam on bfm’s breakfast show. being a regular b listener i was well chuffed to be invited along and had a nice old time yakkin and playin a cupla tracks live to air… go & havva listen if ye wish at the following link,190306,

?a weekend or two prior to that, good buddies jonny and eoin and my good old self jumped on a wee plane and hedded for gbi (great barrier island don’t ya know) for a delightful weekend of music and seen-ary.. after a nice little show at the legendary currach (second best pub in the world next to ‘the rising sun’ in newcastle {the one in england i guess after a wee googling}?so i’m told by some dude that works at charlie farleys?on waiheke..)?on the friday night?we shot off on saturday to lunch with some friends and a shwim?at possibly the coolest swimming spot on the island… complete with ye ol piece of rope hangin?from a pohutukawa tree this spot was bliss, cheers emma & grant… then we toddled off to hang out with Sean & Nerissa, the lovely folk who first?invited me out to barrier many years ago to play at Stray Possum.. i was pretty keen to go for a spin on the new jet boat and that we did.. spectacular was the word i guess… as we came around a headland into yet another bay we spotted lo and behold a pod of 20-30 dolphins feeding.. eager to be involved i leapt joyously into the fray and milled around with them… though none of them came to say hi real close up it felt pretty cool to be swimmin amounst ’em… i practiced my dolphin speak humming tunes under water etc then swam in the?most gangly awkward and laughable (to a dolphin) fashion back to the boat…?after watchin an immaculate sunset the?likes of which i’d not seen since ibiza &?a quick visit?with friends of friends on a beautiful super yacht ’round the next bay we throttled it back towards the jetty at which point (being just?after dark) the phosphorescence began really going off… nothing quite like ploughing through the pshychedelic?floating organism in a jet boat, quite mind bogglingly spectacular one must say… so of course yours truly had to take the plunge again and get amounst it.. nothing quite like swimming in phosphorescence on a clear starry night… absolutely mad shtuff!!

?so completely in awe of what we’d witnessed on this most beautiful evening we hedded back up to the house for an amazing dinner of fresh snapper, hapuka & mussels etc (i?plunge from vegetarianism?into pescetarianism {reasonings of which &?why?i could devote another whole chapter to}?on occasions such as these)?followed by a few tunes… as you do…

?the next day saw a chilled day of reflection?& lounging followed by a wee sesh?at the currach in the arvo.. then after farewells and promises of seein the great currach crew again next summer we hedded back to the claris runway to hit the skies again…

weekends such as those make me grateful i’m a muso… thanks to all the great barrier island folk…

?as per usual i invite you all to?peruse the gig guide and come visit my buddies & i at a gig or two…


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