aye the new year…

happy new year folks… and may ’09 be a superb year for ye all. the year ticked over?for yours truly whilst rocking along stupendously in good ol’ Hahei… glorious spot, glorious sunshine and so forth, nice way to start the year.?

on?the last day of ’08?whilst setting up for afore mentioned new years eve gig, i received word from robbie the mastering dude that my album?mix?had been opened up in his mastering software in wellington and the ball was rolling on the mastering front!! this was indeed a?great piece of news to get?on the last day of the year. am expecting to have the mastered album back in the post any day now…

?the highlight of this year to date, apart from a blissful few days in the far north, has been the Parihaka festival in the Taranaki.? one needs to like reggae & groove music to venture near this festival and luckily for me i love the stuff… the two days i spent there were most groovaliscious with Petone band?Hikoikoi being the stand out act for me, just immaculate!

?anyways, comin up this week the?mulleteers are at bollix this friday nite with waz on gat filling in for jono so don’t be suprised if we throw in a bit of blues… and i’m looking forward to the ecofest in Levin with Jon Sanders on sunday…

?hope to see you out there.


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