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too taozund and turteen (2013)…

a good start to the year.. as i listen to the preliminary mixes of the recent Raglan Old School live solo recording, a wave of yessness washes contently over. ‘funk in c’, ‘surrounded’, ‘dingle day’… if the gods of all things musical and technological are willing there will be a live album released in the […]

Coal Face Blues

torn between fidelity to the muse and the pop hilarity blues the coal face calls the coal face beckonings calls to stand the soul faced reckonings baxter pulled us out of bed the usual broken morning dread and led then on this jk hunt for feast fed famines to cross examine stigma staccato battering ram […]

summer kicks in…

the highlight of the last few weeks has been the phenomenally enjoyable show at Kiwi Valley in Henderson last friday 30th.. the last night of spring on the calendar, y’know. it was a stupendously enjoyable show organised by Toitoi Music Management and yours truly.. support act, The Nobody Girls, from Hamilton came on and wooed […]

another trek.. (back dated – Oct 7)

the 2012 voyage along the back roads and autobahns of the u.k & europe draws nigh on it’s conclusion. after poland and farewells we meandered west then south to the welcoming curiosity that is east germany, a land whose history i still struggle to understand. museums, west african and soft metal bands, irish pubs, galleries, […]