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News – 06/04/06

hello again,i sit here at the house of me ol? buddy in the west. laptop on my knees hopin? my tadpoles don?t fry, Katy Soljak in my headphones ?la revolucion es la esparanza de los desperados? she cries melodik Tiitrangi festival has been goin on. it?s been a treat.

News – 27/03/06

so it is?Te Kuiti, monday morning waiting for the grail boys heddin? this way from Coro to do some recordin?. A nite too heavy on the turps makes for a late show? the rains fall heavy, last night the far north was nearly blown from the map by a slow moving bundle of decimation called […]

News – 26/03/06

Hi all,it?s been a great cupla weeks here in heaven? God?s been positive and happy and she says that the rehab has been going well.. we all hope she?s kicked the habit for good this time! Terence has been doing a great job filling in for her while she?s been away..some one wound all the […]

News – 13/03/06

well the week gone was a pearler for sure? the highlight for me was the Grail re-union on thursday.. the Gordster, G, Jono and i all congregated at G?s place along with Mr. Grail himself, Mickey Martin, to sup ales, bludge all of G?s rollies (me anyway) and yak about the old & the new.